8 Major Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Poor or immature attachment style: In treating youths with strong BPD traits I realized that most of their communication skills are based on their deep needs. An individual who truly needs to feel wanted, loved, or attractive may develop what they strongly believe is love or a “bond” with someone who is unhealthy, degrading, or abusive. They also may struggle in relationships with there is domestic violence, control and dominance, or even sexual abuse and rape.

It is important that we carefully evaluate those we suspect to have BPD. Careful evaluation means not jumping to conclusions without professional advice, refraining from angrily telling a loved one that “you are borderline,” and allowing mental health professionals to make that determination. There is certainly a reason why mental health professionals are trained to do what they do. They can fit pieces of a fragmented puzzle together and create a treatment course based on years of research, knowledge, and experience.


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