How it really feels to be time-blind with ADHD

Our perception of time — or lack thereof — lays the foundation for our biggest struggles. As Dr. Russell Barkley explains it, ADHD “disrupts the fabric of time.” And while time feels like it should be a simple concept, ADHD’s time-blindness finds some complicated ways to hurt us.

Neurotypical people may wonder, what could be so difficult about looking at your watch? How could you not know how long it takes to get ready for work in the morning? How could you not have realized you didn’t have time to mow the lawn before our date?

ADHD makes these most basic life skills exceptionally difficult. Time-blindness causes all the screw-ups mentioned above, and more. It kills our self-esteem and exacerbates our emotional volatility. It can even put us in danger of seriously harming ourselves.

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