Melt Away Fat, Tighten Skin and Look Younger with Vaser Lipo

Folks around world are looking for about a gentler alternative to traditional liposuction that quickly refines and reshapes body lines and contours.

Imagine this…

You glance in the mirror and see a slimmer, trimmer reflection smiling back at you.

No more bagging skin.
No more love handles or tummy pooch.
No more sagging jowls or jiggly chin.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

You can easily experience an exciting moment like that without suffering through a long recovery time and extreme discomfort. Because now there is…

An incredibly smart yet simple way to lose inches and look toned and attractive again.

Unwanted and embarrassing fat will not hold you back from the kind of life you deserve any longer.

Now, not only will a slim and sleek silhouette replace lumps and rolls, with Smartlipo (VASER Lipo) renewed confidence and enthusiasm will replace low-self esteem and shame. How?

This breakthrough technique harnesses the sculpting power of ultrasound and laser energy – Smartlipo and VASER Lipo technology. Once you have the procedure you’ll be thrilled to see specific fatty areas significantly reduced. Drooping skin looks firm and youthful again. The change is simply phenomenal.

And Smartlipo/VASER Lipo is a safer alternative to original liposuction, too. You don’t have to worry about the dangers that to often follow invasive surgery and general anesthesia.

The Smartlipo (VASER Lipo) procedure is minimally invasive. Performed under local anesthesia, small cannulas and probes replace the bulky apparatus used with conventional liposuction. That means less bruising, less swelling, and less pain…and ultimately, quicker results and recovery.

Finally, you can have the kind of body that diet and exercise simply doesn’t deliver. And you should know…if you’ve gone around the block with those two.

The difference is Smartlipo/VASER Lipo literally melts away fat…permanently.

Every aspect of the Smartlipo/VASER Lipo procedure makes it easy to get up and get going with a fantastic brand new shape.

But it gets even better. Because of precise and targeted focus on fat cells alone, your skin is actually toned and tightened as well. Smartlipo and VASER Lipo actually sparks collagen production while emulsifying and demolishing fat cells.

Traditional liposuction simply doesn’t even come close to results like these.

And once you experience the magic of the Smartlipo/VASER Lipo advanced liposuction procedure, you may find yourself making comments like
these …

“I got my potbelly done and my neck and double chin treated during the same session. It took less than one hour!”

“After just 3 weeks the result is amazing. No bruising, no swelling, no pain during or after the procedure.”

“I look younger, like having a face lift, and I have my flat youngster’s belly back.”

“My grown daughter visited yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks. She could not believe how great I looked. She checked out the area where my incisions where and couldn’t find them!”

“I’m already down 2 dress sizes!”

You see Smartlipo/VASER Lipo is specifically designed to quickly and gently melt away fat from the following areas…

Double chins
Saddle bags

Practically anywhere on your body that has a little too much extra cushion. And with LipoBodySculpture’s Smartlipo/VASER Lipo technique you won’t have to put your life on hold for eight to ten weeks – the typical amount of time lost with standard liposuction. The Smartlipo/VASER Lipo procedure delivers rapid recovery time in addition to long lasting, beautiful results. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, what could be better than that?


Right about now you may be wondering how Smartlipo/VASER Lipo actually provides such astonishing results. Here it is…

The science behind the “magic”… how Smartlipo/VASER Lipo works.

The secret is a powerful combination of ultrasound and heat energy that emulsifies and demolishes fat cell membranes. The technique is truly revolutionary.

During the Smartlipo/VASER Lipo procedure, small, streamlined instruments coupled with leading edge technology virtually liquefy and eradicates troublesome fat.

Smartlipo and VASER Lipo stylets and probes are extremely small. They’re placed under the skin through a tiny incision where a laser zeroes in on its target -unwanted fat cells – heating them and breaking down the membrane. Then, the fat liquefies and eventually is removed by the lymphatic system. What’s more, this very same laser stimulates collagen production in the dermal layer, shrinking and tightening your skin.

But it doesn’t end there. In specified fat areas, ultrasonic waves emulsify fat tissue. Gentle suction and massage gradually drains the liquid away. But even more remarkable is that the tissue surrounding the fat – such as veins, nerves, and connective tissue – is largely unaffected. That’s because ultrasound is tissue selective. With Smartlipo/VASER Lipo you won’t have to worry about the “good” tissue being sucked out with the unwanted fat!

Finally, a body you can be proud of.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Smartlipo/VASER Lipo a lot sooner than you think. Day by day you’ll see the signs of a slimmer and toned body gradually appear. Imagine for just a moment how that would feel. Pretty spectacular, right?

By now it should be obvious Smartlipo and VASER Lipo are the most advanced and efficient liposuction methods available for contouring and reshaping your body. Without doubt, the Smartlipo/VASER Lipo groundbreaking procedure is a more efficient and gentler alternative to traditional liposuction.

But in case you have any lingering doubts, here is a recap of the tremendous benefits you’ll receive with Smartlipo/VASER Lipo:

Smartlipo/VASER Lipo provides a substantially less painful, less traumatic, and less stressful method for zapping fat from stubborn fatty areas. And because it promotes tissue coagulation, your skin will be tighter and smoother, too. The lines and contours of your body are gently reshaped and defined.

With Smartlipo/VASER Lipo you won’t have the risks or adverse side effects associated with general anesthesia. A local anesthesia is used instead. And unlike traditional liposuction, absolutely no stitches are needed because the incisions are miniscule. No telltale scars to have to cover up!

The Smartlipo/VASER Lipo procedure doesn’t require the bulky cannulas and unpleasant draining tube used with conventional liposuction. That means less bleeding and bruising and much more comfort for you.

Results from Smartlipo/VASER Lipo treatments can be seen as soon as a week after the procedure. You’ll continue to improve over the next several months though some patients see a more streamlined and compact appearance immediately.

With Smartlipo/VASER Lipo the localized capsules of fat found in smaller, difficult to reach areas are easily taken care of. Your face, forearms, knees, and upper abdomen, as well as larger spots, can receive the full benefit of this advanced liposuction procedure.

Smartlipo/VASER Lipo provides targeted contact with fat cells, which means predictable and reliable results. You feel confident your new body contours will be even and shapely.

The Smartlipo/VASER Lipo technique allows for rapid recovery time with very little pain and bruising. That’s because of minimal tissue trauma. Nerves and blood vessels are largely unaffected.

Find out if Smartlipo/VASER Lipo is right for you.

You can take the first step today. Simply contact a qualified doctor in the Houston area and schedule a consultation. Together you can decide if the Smartlipo/VASER Lipo procedure is the best choice for you.

Here’s what you need to do next. Simply fill out the quick and easy inquiry form requesting more information about Smartlipo/VASER Lipo in the Houston area. Your questions and concerns about Smartlipo/VASER Lipo will be addressed promptly and thoroughly. We at LipoBodySculpture of Houston look forward to hearing from you!

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