Tips for Parenting Through The Worst of Your Depression & Anxiety

A day in the life of a parent can be intense, wonderful, difficult (sometimes downright impossible), awesome and frustrating. All while being sleep deprived! Now imagine everything that typical moms and dads experience daily, and then add depression and/or anxiety to the mix. It can make it all completely and utterly overwhelming.

Here are a few of my own tips and tricks that have helped me come out ahead of my depression and anxiety, while raising my son as a stay at home mom.

Parenting Through Depression and Anxiety


  1. Support and treatment

Whether it be regular check-ins with your doctor; deciding to take medication; appointments with a therapist; or chatting with friends or family: having support if you don’t feel like yourself is so, so, SO important. Pretending everything is OK and internalizing your feelings will most definitely make you feel worse. I see my doctor every three of four months, to follow up with how I’m feeling and to make sure that I’m on the right medication and the proper dosage. These regular visits have been instrumental in my treatment. Having a supportive family has also helped me tremendously.

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