How Yelling Affects ADHD; And What You Can Do About It Now.

Do know how yelling affects ADHD? It probably affects you more than you think.
Many ADHD-ers experience getting yelled at; especially during childhood,
from siblings, parents, and friends.

If heated arguments, and screaming matches is your go-to problem-solving move, then this may be a result of getting yelled at as a child.

Many people with ADHD seem to be locked in a struggle with self-destructive habits such as; forgetfulness, dealing with authority figures, and carelessness. Even though ADHD is associated with these traits, the problem may lie in how your ADHD was reacted to in the first place.

My childhood was filled with shouting, scolding, and yelling from my mom. But yelling affects ADHD really bad. Bad enough that the online parenting magazine, Today’s Parent says it’s just as bad as spanking.And the Catch-22 is; ADHD kids get yelled at for doing exactly what ADHD is notorious for.

Why is that so? First, we have to understand how the ADHD brain processes emotions.

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